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Changes in version 7.00

UDO 7 is a big upgrade since the last released version. Especially the full Unicode support and many HTML output enhancements make this version more powerful than ever.

UDO 7.00 was published on Mar 1, 2010.

Text style







General Bugfixes

HTML Apple Help

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Rich Text Format (RTF)

  • New: New command !rtf_add_colour which write additional colors (other than the 16 default colors) to the color table in the RTF file header.
  • New: The !docinfo entries subject, keywords, company, and category are also output as info entries into the RTF file.
  • New: All nodes, subnodes, etc. are marked as label/bookmark for RTF output.
  • New: The command (!plink) is supported. Output points to the page number.
  • New: \*\revtbl {Unknown}{UDO Version x.x.x}} is set.
  • New: !use_raw_header can also be used for RTF output.
  • Bugfix #56: Wrong image size calculation in RTF output fixed. By mistake the height parameter got the width before.
  • Bugfix #17: Error message: couldn't read BMP header of . No such file or directory.
    New state: When the first RTF output didn't find the UDO link image udo_mw.bmp, UDO informs you to output to RTF once more to create all missing files.
    The UDO image will now also be found on TOS compatible platforms.
  • Bugfix #60: RTF output should no longer crash.

  • New: Use the command line parameter –map to let UDO create an alias and a MAP file, too.
  • New: !html_name is now used in HTML-Help output.

  • Bugfix: Horizontal lines can be longer than 126 characters.

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