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An environment is a part of a source file that has to be converted in a special way. Environments will be started with !begin_ and finished with !end_. The commands have to be the first words of a line. They may be indented by spaces or tabs.

UDO offers you a large range of environments that will help you to layout your text and to insert special commands:

appendix environment: appendix
center environment: centered text
comment environment: comments
description environment: descriptions
document environment: documentation contents
enumerate environment: enumerations
flushleft environment: left justified text
flushright environment: right justified text
ignore environment: ignore text
itemize environment: itemizations
linedraw environment: display graphic screenshots
preformatted environment: preformatted text
quote environment: indented text
raw environment: special commands for the destination format
table environment: tables
verbatim environment: preformatted text
xlist environment: lists
sourcecode environment: source code

In the relevant sections you can find out how the text of an environment is formatted.

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