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UDO can manage one (!) appendix. The contents of the appendix has to be used inside the appendix environment. This environment is started with !begin_appendix and finished with !end_appendix.

Chapters that are part of the appendix are enumerated using letters instead of numbers. A short example:

!node  A chapter outside the appendix
!node           A chapter
!subnode        A section
!subsubnode     A subsection
!subsubsubnode  A paragraph

The table of contents should look like this:

5  A chapter outside the appendix


A  A chapter
   A.1  A section
        A.1.1  A subsection
               A.1.1.1  A paragraph


  1. You should use the appendix at the end of your source file. In other words !end_appendix should be the last but one command before !end_document. You shouldn't use any additional chapters behind !end_appendix because UDO will get confused especially while enumerating the chapters.
  2. Because UDO uses letters for creating the numbers for the chapters of the appendix you shouldn't use more than 26 chapters inside the appendix.

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