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Tables of contents

Using the command !tableofcontents you can tell UDO to generate a table of contents that lists all chapters, sections and subsections of the source file.

You should use !tableofcontents directly after !maketitle or !begin_document to avoid problems.

By using the switch !toc you can decrease the size of the table of contents. This is useful when writing large hypertexts.

If you want to list all sections of a chapter, all subsections of section or all paragraphs of a subsection you can output this so called sub-table of contents with the commands called !subtoc, !subsubtoc and !subsubsubtoc. This is useful for hypertexts where you then have the possibility to switch directly to an interesting section or subsection. UDO enables you to automatize the output of these subtoc's using the switches !use_auto_subtocs, !use_auto_subsubtocs and !use_auto_subsubsubtocs.

If you use the upper switches to print subtocs automatically but you don't want to print them in specific chapters you can insert the commands !ignore_subtoc, !ignore_subsubtoc or !ignore_subsubsubtoc. If a chapter contains one of these commands there will be printed no table of contents neither automatically nor manually by using !subtoc etc.

Summary of all commands and switches

!tableofcontents: Prints the table of contents on a separate page.
!toc: Prints the table of contents inside the text.
!subtoc: Prints all sections of a chapter.
!subsubtoc: Prints all subsections of a section.
!subsubsubtoc: Prints all paragraphs of a subsection.
!use_auto_subtocs: Print all sections of a chapter automatically.
!use_auto_subsubtocs: Print all subsections of a section automatically.
!use_auto_subsubsubtocs: Print all paragraphs of a subsection automatically.
!ignore_subtoc: Don't print the sections of the current chapter.
!ignore_subsubtoc: Don't print the subsections of the current section.
!ignore_subsubsubtoc: Don't print the paragraphs of the current subsection.


  1. When converting to HTML the title page and the table of contents will be printed in the file you passed via the command line.
  2. When converting to RTF no table of contents will be generated! You should make this with the functions of your text processor that is used to import the converted RTF file.

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