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RTF (Rich Text Format)

The Rich Text Format (RTF) is used for the system wide exchange of text files. This format has a strict definition. New commands can be added every time. If a RTF software reads in an unknown command it has to ignore it.

Unfortunately not all the existing software ignore unknown RTF commands, some are interpreting some senseless stuff. Microsoft Word doesn't interpret the RTF correctly in all cases, even if Microsoft has developed the Rich Text Format.

It is not wrong if I say that RTF is the most misinterpreted format ever known.

Why doesn't UDO print a table of contents?

I think the reader of your documentation wants to print it out with a text processor. And it is for sure that you want the correct page numbers inside the table of contents.

But UDO cannot know on which page a chapter will be printed. Thus it doesn't print a table of contents when converting to RTF.

OK, it wouldn't be a problem to print it but I think you don't want a table of contents without page numbers.

The output of my text processor is horrible, why?

Bad luck. You own a text processor that cannot import RTF correctly. UDO strictly pays attention to the RTF definition. If it is possible for you to contact the authors of your text processor send them your RTF file.

8-bit characters aren't imported correctly!?

UDO saves RTF files that use the Windows ANSI character set. Every text processor should be able to import RTF files that use the IBM-PC character set, the Macintosh character set and the Windows ANSI character set. If some 8-bit characters are displayed incorrectly it is a problem of your text processor and not a bug of UDO.

Quotes aren't imported correctly, why?

UDO uses the RTF commands \lquote, \rquote, \rdblquote and \ldblquote for displaying the typographical quotes and apostrophes. Your text processor has to know these common RTF commands.

If it doesn't want to import these RTF commands or the quotes and apostrophes are displayed incorrectly you can tell UDO not to use these RTF commands by inserting the switch !no_quotes [rtf] inside the preamble of the UDO source file.

My text processor cannot import tables. What can I do?

Use the switch !rtf_no_tables inside the preamble of your UDO source file to tell UDO that it shall print tables without RTF commands like in the ASCII format.

StarWriter 3.0 prints an RTF error!?

It seems to be that StarWriter 3.0 doesn't know all RTF commands and furthermore it faults correct RTF commands.

Indices aren't imported into StarWriter!?

StarWriter 3.0 ignores the RTF command \xe which is used for indices.

Lotus WordPro places chapter numbers outside the text frame!?

I'm sorry but I have no idea why it does this. Other text processors display the chapter numbers correctly.

Lotus WordPro doesn't display tables correctly!?

I don't know why Lotus WordPro doesn't recognize the ending of a table. The table itself will be displayed incorrectly, too. Please use the switch !rtf_no_tables inside the preamble of your UDO source file.

WordPad doesn't display tables, why?

Because WordPad cannot display tables. Use the switch !rtf_no_tables inside the preamble of your UDO source file.

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Last updated on May 19, 2014

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