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Pure C Help

The Pure C Help format is only useful for the Pure C compiler on Atari for displaying online library descriptions. The format isn't used for any other purposes neither on this nor on other computers.

How produces UDO the title page and the table of contents?

UDO prints a single page that contains both the title page and the table of contents. Because this page can get very long you should use the switch !use_compressed_tocs [pch].

How can I suppress the headlines?

UDO prints a headline on each page automatically. Headlines contain the name of the current chapter and the title of the source file. By clicking the title you can jump to the title page or the table of contents.

Using the switch !no_headlines [pch] you can suppress the output of these headlines.

How can I suppress the bottomlines?

UDO prints a bottomline on each page automatically that contain links to the previous page, next page and upper page. Thus the reader of the online manual is enabled to jump directly to other pages without returning to the table of contents.

Using the switch !no_bottomlines [pch] you can suppress the output of these bottomlines.

What can I do with the file with the suffix .cmd?

UDO saves a command file for the Pure C Help compiler HC.TTP. You have to call the HC by passing the name of this command file to get a compiled help file.

UDO always overwrites this file. You have to switch in write protection if you want to protect your own changes to this file.

How do I build a help file for Pure C?

UDO saves two file when converting the source fie foo.u: foo.scr and foo.cmd.

To get a Pure C Help file you have to call HC.TTP by passing the command file foo.cmd:

$ e:\purec\hc.ttp foo.cmd

Using GEM just drag foo.cmd onto HC.TTP to start the conversion.

How can I install this help file?

Pure C can display own user defined help file. This file has to be named USR.HLP and it has to be placed inside the Pure C directory.

To install your help file backup the original USR.HLP, rename your help file to USR.HLP and copy it to the Pure C directory.

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Last updated on May 19, 2014

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