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Define output format of quotation marks in HTML

Type & position: command, preamble
Syntax: !html_quotes [<name>]
Description: Use this command to define the output format of quotation marks in HTML. [<name>] accepts the following parameters.
HTML quotations will be output as or respectively. We recommend to control the replacement characters for the quote tags in various languages in a .CSS file.
Example:Here are CSS commands for various quotation marks in several languages.
:lang(cs) { quotes:"\00BB"      "\00AB"      "\203A"      "\2039";      }
:lang(de) { quotes:"\00BB"      "\00AB"      "\203A"      "\2039";      }
:lang(en) { quotes:"\201C"      "\201D"      "\2018"      "\2019";      }
:lang(fr) { quotes:"\00AB\00A0" "\00A0\00BB" "\2039\00A0" "\00A0\203A"; }

q:before   { content:open-quote;  color:#2E4793; }
q:after    { content:close-quote; color:#2E4793; }
q q:before { content:open-quote;  color:Green;   }
q q:after  { content:close-quote; color:Green;   }
HTML quotations will be output as ".
Exists since: Release 6.5.20
See also: !html_modern_layout

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