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Using the command !label you can set labels inside the source file. An example:

!label example

When converting to the hypertext formats Windows Help, HTML, ST-Guide and Pure C Help UDO inserts references inside the text to this label automatically. You can search for these labels inside the search dialog of Windows Help.

When you set the upper label you can jump from every position where the word example is used to the position where you used the label.

Here a list how UDO converts a label for the hypertext formats:

LaTeX: \label{example}
Pure-C-Help: sensitive("example") inside the header
ST-Guide: @symbol ar "example"
Turbo-Vision: .topic example inside the header
WinHelp: #{\footnote # example}


You shouldn't use special chars like commas, semicolons, quotes or apostrophes inside the label text because some formats have problems with these special characters. Please try to avoid them. In most cases you can avoid them if you really want.

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