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In March 1996, Dirk Hagedorn found an article about Linuxdoc-SGML in the German Unix magazine iX. It took two hours to download the Linuxdoc-SGML archive and to implement this format into UDO. Unfortunately he didn't own a Linux computer and so he wasn't able to test UDO's output.

Linuxdoc-SGML is a multiformat converter like UDO. With Linuxdoc-SGML you can convert SGML files into LaTeX, RTF, HTML, Texinfo and manpages. But it is not a lie to claim that UDO is more powerful than Linuxdoc-SGML 1.5.

The xlist environment is handled like a description environment!?

Linuxdoc-SGML doesn't offer an environment like UDO's xlist environment. So UDO is forced to handle it like a description environment.

Linuxdoc-SGML doesn't know Å, why?

Add the following line to /usr/lib/linuxdoc-sgml/rep/html/general:

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