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GNU Texinfo is used on many Unix systems to offer the user an online hypertext manual and a printed documentation that can be made with Makeinfo or plain TeX. Online manuals can be displayed with Info.

On systems with 8+3-filenames UDO saves files with the suffix .tex. If the operating systems supports long filenames UDO uses the suffix .texi instead.

Why does UDO change the chapter names?

Makeinfo and/or Info get problems if a chapter names contains brackets, commas or colons. UDO is forced to delete these characters so that you will be able to convert the output with Makeinfo without any problems. If a chapter name contains only forbidden characters UDO encodes them.

You will only see the changed chapter names inside the Info headlines and Info menus. If you convert the Texinfo file with TeX you will get your original chapter names.

Why doesn't Texinfo display the environments in compressed form?

Using Texinfo it is impossible to compress the paragraph separation. Thus the parameter !compressed is useless when converting to Texinfo.

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