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Since Mac OS X, Apple, Inc. offers a smart Apple Help Viewer for applications. You have to register a so-called Apple Help Book for the app in the system. It has to be available in a certain folder within the app bundle. Basically, an Apple Help Book is a collection of HTML files, images and CSS commands, just like a website. But it is important that the homepage of these HTML pages contains two meta tags for the Apple Help Viewer or it cannot be recognized properly.

So in general, the UDO created Apple Help Book format is an HTML format, with two meta tags added to the homepage file (index.htm or similar):


# preamble
!macro   PROD          iCalamus
!docinfo [appletitle]  (!PROD) Manual
!docinfo [appleicon]   (!PROD)%20Help/img/iC_feather_16.png



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