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Output inline images.

Type & position: placeholder, main part
Syntax: (!img [<file>] [<text>])
Description: Use this placeholder to use an image right inside the text of HTML or WinHelp. If another destination format will be used only <text> will be displayed. When converting to HTML, file.gif will be used, when converting to WinHelp file.bmp will be used. UDO doesn't check if this file exists.
Since version 6.5.18, this command has been enhanced:
(!img [<file>] [<text> [<text>]])
This has effects only on HTML, HTML Apple Help and HTML-Help output. The second <text> will then be used for the attribute title. If only one <text> exists, both attributes ('alt' and 'title') get the same text. Example:
d.gif width=xxx height=yyy border=0 alt=text title=text 2>
Example: (!img [dh] [my logotype])
Exists since: Release 4 Version 0.48
See also: Images, !image, !no_img_size

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