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Change navigation bar

Type & position: command, preamble
Syntax: !html_navigation [<name>] <text>
Description: Use this command to adjust the navigation bar view. For [<name>] you can currently use the following parameters.
When you use this command in the preamble, the navigation area will be output on top of the page in a single navigation bar, without folder symbols by default, separated by  > .
As an option, you can define a separator text using the <text> parameter. This separator text will be enclosed by space characters in order to not glue the separator text to the chapter names.
The navigation bar is embedded in a
environment, using the CSS class UDO_nav_line. So you can enhance its content formatting using CSS commands.
When you use this command, the navigation bar line starts with a single folder symbol. This makes the purpose of the navigation bar line even clearer on first glance. Using the optional parameter, you can define your own image here.

Furthermore, a link to the Index page will be added at the end of each navigation bar line. This link cannot be switched of at the moment and should be positioned accordingly, using CSS commands. It is embedded in a environment, using the CSS class UDO_nav_index.
.UDO_nav_index {
   position: absolute;
   right: 8px;
   padding: 0 0 0 8px;
   border-width: 0 0 0 1px;
   border-style: solid;
   border-color: #888888;
Exists since: Version 6.5.20
See also: !use_auto_toptocs


!html_navigation [line]


Chapter 1 > Chapter 1.1 > Chapter 1.1.1 Index

!html_navigation [image]


OrdnerChapter 1 > Chapter 1.1 > Chapter 1.1.1 Index

!html_navigation [line] ::
!html_navigation [image] img/udo_16


UDOChapter 1 :: Chapter 1.1 :: Chapter 1.1.1 Index

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