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Changes in version 7.02

UDO 7.02 was published on May 02, 2013.

In general, this update version brings many tiny adjustments, fixes and enhancements, esp. for HTML output. But we also added some new and adjusted stuff for some UDO commands.

The command now supports an optional parameter which allows to define another start value for the enumeration. [fd]

!docinfo [translator]

When files are merged with one of the commands !html_merge_nodes, !html_merge_subnodes, !html_merge_subsubnodes, or !html_merge_subsubsubnodes, labels in the index are correctly generated. [ggs]
!html_navigation [image]
HTML navigation bar output using GIF images no longer writes linefeeds in order to prevent gaps between images, so you can use images in segmented control style, like e.g. in Apple form sheets. [fd]
UDO now supports 15 languages, most of them are completely localized. We are really glad about any support to add more languages. [fd]
czech Czech
danish Danish
dutch Dutch
english English
finnish Finish
french French
german German
italian Italian
japanese Japanese
latvian Latvian
norwegian Norwegian
polish Polish
portuguese Portuguese
spanish Spanish
swedish Swedish
All relevant UDO commands for chapters of 4th category are supported. [fd]
#89: The command has been enhanced to await an optional third <target> parameter and an optional fourth <class> parameter. With these two new parameters you can control the target, a URL should be opened in, and the CSS class which formats the URL. [fd]

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