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Reference to external links.

Type & position: placeholder, main part
Syntax: (!url [<text>] [<link>] <[<target>] [<class>]>)
Description: Use this command to create (external) links. In contrary to (!xlink), this command always creates a link to a URL. <link> can be empty and will then be replaced by the content of <text>. So you don't have to enter the URL twice when you want to show it as the link description.

When the URL contains a tilde, it does not have to be protected with an exclamation mark in the (!url) command.

<target> defines a target where the URL should be opened in. In Frames layouts, these can be other frames, or use the usual targets:

_blank opens the link in a new window
_self opens the link in the current window
_parent leaves the current frameset in nested framesets
_top leaves all nested framesets

Using <class>, you can define the name of a CSS class, e.g. to show links to third-party websites in another style than links inside the current website.
Exists since: Release 6 Patchlevel 12
<target> + <class> since v7.02, currently only supporting HTML, HTML-Help, and Apple Help Book (HTML)
See also: (!link), (!plink), (!xlink), !no_xlinks, Links


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(!url [Write an email][mailto:someone@somewhere.net][][email]) |
(!url [UDO guide] [http://man.udo-open-source.org/en/] [_blank] [elink])


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