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Generated files

Using UDO, you may see the follwing file suffixes:

.1: Nroff
.c: C source code
.cmd: command file for the Pure C help compiler
.txt: ASCII
.hpj: project file for the Microsoft Help Compiler HC.EXE
.htm(l): HTML
.lyx: LyX
.man: Manualpage
.pas: Pascal source code
.rtf: RTF or WinHelp source code or QuickView source code
.scr: Pure C Help source code
.sgm(l): Linuxdoc-SGML
.stg: ST-Guide source code
.txt: Turbo-Vision-Help source code
.tex: LaTeX
.texi: Texinfo

Files with the suffix .ul? contain the error messages and warnings UDO prints while converting the source file.

Files with the suffix .uh? contain the Hyphenation patterns UDO prints for ASCII, ST-Guide and Pure C Help.

Files with the suffix .ut? contain the include tree.

The following suffixes appear if UDO saves a file that has to be converted with another software to get the final result:

.err: log file of the Microsoft Help Compiler (HC.EXE)
.h: C header file for Turbo Vision (TVHC.EXE)
.hlp: Windows Help file (HC.EXE), Turbo Vision Help file (TVHC.EXE), Pure C Help file (HC.PRG)
.hyp: ST-Guide hypertext (HCP.TTP)
.ref: ST-Guide reference file (HCP.TTP)

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