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Output shortened environments.

Type & position: switch, preamble
Syntax: !use_compressed_envs [<abbreviations>]
Description: If you use this switch inside the preamble of your source file, UDO will output all environments (without the verbatim environment) without additional horizontal space. The example shows how to use compressed environments by default for the ASCII format.
Example: !use_compressed_envs [asc]
Exists since: Release 5 Patchlevel 15
See also: !begin_blist, !begin_description, !begin_enumerate, !begin_ilist, !begin_itemize, !begin_tlist, !begin_xlist,
!compressed, !not_compressed,
!use_compressed_descriptions, !use_compressed_enumerates, !use_compressed_itemizes, !use_compressed_lists, !use_compressed_tocs,

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