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Text that is used between (!N) and (!n) will be shown as a footnote when converting to a format that supports footnotes. Otherwise (!N) will be replaced by  (, (KK1 [n]) will be replaced by ).

Important hint: In front of (!N) you shouldn't use a blank. If you do so the footnote mark would fly without context or before the opening bracket ( you could read a blank.

UDO(!N)Universal Document(!n)


UDO (Universal Document)

Footnotes are supported by these formats:


  1. I'm a bit unlucky that UDO just prints brackets if the destination format doesn't support footnotes. It will be better if UDO saves the footnote text and prints it at the end of a chapter or page. Unfortunately this is a very tricky problem that cannot be solved in some days.
  2. Don't forget not to use a space or tab before (!N).

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Last updated on May 19, 2014

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