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Internal links with images

Especially for Windows Help and HTML, the (!ilink) (image link) command exists. It is a mixture of the (!img) and (!link) command that allows to display hyperimages. If you click an image you will jump to another part of the current document.

UDO: (!ilink) [img] [text] [link]
WinHelp: {\uldb \{bmc img.bmp\}}{\v link}
HTML: text
else: like (!link) [text] [link]


  1. UDO won't check if the images exist.
  2. By default UDO uses .gif as the suffix for images when converting to HTML. You can use the command !html_img_suffix to change the suffix.
  3. You may use up to 200 links inside a paragraph. If you will use more links UDO will print an error message.

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