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Internal links

Using the (!link) command you can insert links to parts of the current document. You can link to chapters, sections, subsections, labels and aliases. The following list shows you how to use the link command and how UDO converts it:

UDO: (!link) [a text] [the link]
HTML: a text
LaTeX: a text (see \ref{the link})
ST-Guide: @{"a text" link "the link"}
WinHelp: {\uldb a text}{\v the_link}
Turbo: {a text:the link}
else: a text (see "the link")

The following example shows how to insert a link on the UDO contact information:

If you have questions on UDO, you can ask in the
(!link [UDO mailing list] [Contact]).


If you have questions on UDO, you can ask in the UDO mailing list.


  1. You may use up to 200 links inside a paragraph. If you will use more links UDO will output an error message.
    Remember: paragraphs are separated by empty lines in the source.
  2. When converting to hypertext formats UDO checks if the link destination exists. If it doesn't exits UDO prints an error message. When converting to the other formats UDO doesn't check if the link destination exists!
  3. LaTeX only allows to link to aliases and labels.

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