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How to read this manual best

The UDO manual concept is this: read it at least three times from start to end. We recommend to repeat this on a daily base. ;-)

We have used many UDO features to make this manual as handy as possible for you. Here you find some hints to get the most out of the manual:

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The HTML version will probably be the mostly read version. You will see tiny symbols on the top and bottom border of each page which guide you to the homepage of the manual, one chapter level up, back to the previous chapter and forward to the next chapter.
Below the upper navigation symbols bar you will also find the breadcrumb section which also helps to navigate to other chapters by simply clicking on the chapter names.
Because the UDO manual's category is rather Technical Manual And Reference Guide, we have marked several texts in distinct ways so you can differenciate e.g. code snippets or file names from normal text more easily.

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HomeIntroductionPrefaceWhat UDO can('t) do for you