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Bugs and problems

The following known bugs will be fixed as fast as possible:

Text styles inside indices:
Inside indices you cannot use text styles at the moment. You can avoid this problem of you use the text style commands outside the (!idx) placeholder.
Images & emTeX:
The output of LaTeX commands for displaying MSP and PCX images with emTeX wasn't tested enough. If you have problems printing the images use the switch !no_images [tex] inside the preamble and write your own commands inside a raw environment.
Small mistakes when layouting WinHelp:
If you use many chapters and the chapter numbers become too wide there may be wrong indents in the tables of contents. You can avoid this by using the switch !no_numbers [win] in the preamble.
Tables of contents:
In the tables of contents long chapter titles aren't sized to the current document width yet. Chapter titles may also appear in different columns (1.91.10 problem).

More bugs and problems are documented on the UDO website. You may enter new bugs and problems into the bugtracker system. Before doing so, please check if your bug isn't already known or your feature wish isn't already documented. You may ask on the mailing list "UDO discussion".

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Last updated on May 19, 2014

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