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*.bmp & WinHelp

UDO can generate commands for Windows Help to display Windows bitmaps (BMP). UDO doesn't check if a BMP exists!

An image can be displayed with or without a subtitle. Windows Help centers the image in the help file.

  1. without subtitle: !image tiger
  2. with subtitle: !image tiger A tiger

UDO will then generate these commands:

{\qc \{bmc tiger.bmp\}}\par\pard
{\qc (Figure 1: A tiger)}\par\pard


  1. UDO won't check if the image file exists. If it doesn't exists or the filename is wrong the Microsoft Help compiler will print an error message.
  2. With the switch !win_inline_bitmaps you can tell UDO to use special Windows Help commands to use hard-coded images.

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