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*.pcx & emTeX

If you are using emTeX and you want to include a Paintbrush PCX to your DVI file you have to add !tex_emtex to your preamble. Furthermore you have to set the resolution of an image via !tex_dpi.

The macros for emTeX are generated according to the information of dvidrv.doc of emTeX.

In first place UDO tries to read in the header of tiger.msp when reading the command !image tiger A tiger. If UDO doesn't find tiger.msp it will try to find tiger.pcx.

An example shows what kind of macro UDO generates for emTeX. w and h represent the width and height of the image:

    \put(0,){\special{em:graph tiger.pcx}}
\caption{A tiger}


In first place UDO tries to find an MSP image. If you are using images from Paintbrush PCX you can ignore the warning printed by UDO.

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